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Our facilities provide the latest in technological equipment, unique specialty services and advanced medical care.

KPC Promise, Overland Park supports and maintains a full range of specialty services that serve both your inpatient and outpatient acute care needs. We are confident we can provide you or your loved one with the most comprehensive, personalized treatment plan available.

Pulmonary Care

Many of our patients are admitted to Promise suffering from severe respiratory issues and are connected to ventilators in order to breathe. Our respiratory team diligently works with each patient to wean them off of the mechanical ventilator and help them breathe on their own again.

Having the ability to spend extended time with each patient allows us to provide the much needed attention and care they need to regain their stability and reclaim their independence. As a result, Promise Hospital of Overland Park excels in ventilator weaning with our wean rates exceeding industry standards and benchmarks.

Complex Wound Care

Patients with complex wounds may have associated medical conditions that often require a high level of inpatient care for an extended period of time. Our medical team will treat the wound and underlying contributing conditions, such as uncontrolled diabetes, malnutrition, functional impairments and poor vascularization, to prevent return of the wound.

The wound care department consists of a full-time certified wound, ostomy nurse practitioner (CWON), wound care certified registered nurses, and technicians; all with advanced wound care knowledge and skills. The team provides direct patient wound care 7 days per week.

For a tour of our hospital and an opportunity to meet our wound care team, please contact our admissions coordinator at 913.649.3701.

Rehabilitation Therapies

Promise Hospital of Overland Park is dedicated to providing comprehensive rehabilitation services despite the lines and tubes that sometimes accompany patients. Taking into account the necessary precautions, we take an aggressive approach to therapy with the belief that physical activity helps the body to recover more quickly from respiratory and medical conditions that impair normal every day function.

We take an interdisciplinary approach by working closely with patients, physicians, nursing, respiratory, pharmacy, case management and patient families to achieve the maximum functional level for each patient. Our success stories are many, as our patients demonstrate improved daily function and some achieve complete independence by the time they leave us.

Personalized goals and treatment plans are formulated with the rehab team in collaboration with the attending physician and physiatrist. Our rehab team consists of dedicated physical therapists , occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists. Each discipline evaluates and designs specific treatment plans for every patient to ensure a successful road to recovery.

For a tour of our hospital and an opportunity to meet our therapists, please contact our admissions coordinator at 913.652.3267.

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